Point Cloud Intro


Added: 2012-11-22

Updated: 2016-09-01

Category:Advanced Design

Minimum ZW3D Product required to complete this tutorial:

ZW3D Standard

Completion Time: 20 minutes




Point Cloud Intro, Introduction, Modeling (Show-n-Tell in the main top toolbar)


Mechanical sketching 3D Book tutorial.


Suggested Pre-req tutorials:

Introduction, Modeling (Show-n-Tell in the main top toolbar)
Commands covered in this tutorial include:
1. Load Iges point cloud file
2. Creating point blocks
3. Reducing number of points in a point block.
4. Create an Untrimmed surface from a point block
5. Smoothing the face by reducing the point total
6. Smoothing the face by FEM Bending resistance.
7. Add texture
8. Extrude shape intersecting the face to create a solid.
9. Creating tangent runoff faces  

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