QuickMIll Roughing Intro


Added: 2012-11-22

Updated: 2016-09-01


Minimum ZW3D Product required to complete this tutorial:

ZW3D Standard

Completion Time: 50 minutes




This 3D Book is designed to introduce you to the the Quick Mill(TM) spiral roughing operation and the common functions needed for machining with ZW3D. This is an excellent pre-requisite tutorial to all of the other machining tutorials


Mechanical sketching 3D Book tutorial.


Suggested Pre-req tutorials:

Use 3D Machinist or End-2-End
Commands covered in this tutorial include:
1) Shape Browser and Stock creation.
2) QM (QuickMill) Roughing Parameters.
3) Load existing Tools from the library.
4) Tool path creation and modification.
5) Basic Solid Verify.
6) Speeds and Feeds
7) Sequential Rest Roughing.
8) Duplcate operations.
9) Create Machine and Toolchanger.
10) NC Output.  

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