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Modify Edges of 3D Solids

May 20, 2011

You can copy edges of 3D solids to become an independent object or change its color.

Copy Edges

        Copying edges of 3D solids is similar with copying faces of 3D solids. All edges are copied as the independent lines, arcs, ellipses or spline objects. However, the properties keep the same as the current layer. After you specifying the location of placing the copy, you can perform one of the following methods:

  • Base point: You must to specify two points on the drawing. The first one is a base point; the other one determines the location of the copy.

  • Vector: You need to specify a point to determine the location of the copy. The base point is the original point (0,0,0).

To copy an edge

  1. Choose Modify > Solids Editing > Copy Edge.

  2. Select the edge(s) to copy, and press Enter.

  3. Specify a base point.

  4. Specify an end point.

Solids Editing toolbar\



Specify the edge(s) to copy (A), the base point (B), and the end point(C) The resulting entity with the edge copied

Color Edges

        You can assign color to the edges of 3D solids. The specified color of edges overwrites the color of the layer on which the edges drawn.

To color an edge

  1. Choose Modify > Solids Editing > Color Edges.

  2. Select the edge(s) to color, and press Enter.

  3. Specify a color.

Solids Editing toolbar\

Commands Reference

SOLIDEDIT: Edits faces and edges of 3D solid objects

System Variables Reference


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