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Insert Blocks

May 20, 2011

       You can insert blocks and other drawings into the current drawing. When you insert a block, it is treated as a single object. When you insert a drawing, it is added to the current drawing as a block. You can then insert multiple instances of the block without reloading the original drawing file. If you change the original drawing file, those changes have no effect on the current drawing unless you redefine the block by reinserting the changed drawing.

        You can also insert blocks from another drawing into the current drawing. Both drawings must be open at the same time to do this.

       When you insert a block or drawing, you must specify the insertion point, scale, and rotation angle. The block's insertion point is the reference point specified when you created the block.

       When you insert a drawing as a block, the program takes the specified insertion point as the block insertion point. You can change the insertion point, however, by first opening the original drawing and redefining the block.

      You can specify the scale of a block reference using different X, Y, and Z values.


To insert a block

  1.   Choose Insert > Block.

  2.   In the Insert Block dialog box, under Insert area, check the Block Name option.

  3.   In the Block Name box, select the name of the block you want to insert.

  4.   Specify the insertion point, scale factors and the rotation angle for the block.

  5.   Click Insert.

Draw toolbar\

Command line INSERT

Insert a Drawing File as a Block

      You are required to specify insertion point, scaling and rotation angle while inserting the drawing file into the drawing. If external references are included in the block, the xrefs may not be normally displayed unless it has been inserted or attached into target drawing. You can redefine insertion point, scale factor and rotation angle each time you insert the drawing, as the following picture shows:



To insert an entire drawing into the current drawing

  1. Choose Insert > Block.

  2. In the Insert Block dialog box, under Insert, click From File.

  3. Type the path and the drawing file name, or click Browse to specify the file from the Insert Drawing dialog box, and click Open.

  4. Specify the insertion point, scale factors and the rotation angle for the block.

  5. Click Insert.

Draw toolbar \

Command line INSERT

NOTE You can specify the insertion point, scale factors, and rotation angle in the Insert Block dialog box before inserting the block. You can also control whether the block is exploded back into its original component objects after insertion. If you want to explode the block immediately, select the Explode Upon Insertion check box.

Insert Blocks at Intervals

     You can insert blocks at intervals along a selected geometric object. Use MEASURE to insert a block at measured intervals. Use DIVIDE to insert a block at proportional (evenly spaced) intervals.

Insert Blocks with DesignCenter

      The block definition created in drawing file are displayed in DesignCener. Use Design Center to insert blocks from the current drawing, right click the block, and select insert block by specifying its location, scale, and rotation. You cannot add blocks to a drawing in process of another command, and you can only insert or attach one block at a time.

Commands Reference

DIVIDE: Places evenly spaced point objects or blocks along the length or perimeter of an object

INSERT: Places a named block or drawing into the current drawing

MEASURE: Places point objects or blocks at measured intervals on an object

System Variables Reference

ATTDIA: Controls whether the INSERT command uses a dialog box for attribute value entry

INSNAME: Sets a default block name for the INSERT command

INSUNITS: Specifies a drawing-units value for automatic scaling of blocks or images dragged from DesignCenter and inserted into a drawing

INSUNITSDEFSOURCE: Sets source content units value

INSUNITSDEFTARGET: Sets target drawing units value


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