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Display Lineweights

May 20, 2011

       Display lineweights in both of model space and layer space. Lineweights are displayed differently in paper space layout than model space. Lineweights are useful for graphical representations of different objects and information.

Display Lineweights in Model Space

       In model space, a 0-value lineweight is displayed as a pixel, and other lineweights are display with a pixel width proportional to their real-unit value.

      In model space, lineweight display does not change with the zoom factor. A lineweight value that is represented by a width of several pixels is always displayed using the same number of pixels. Unless you use LWEIGHT command to open Lineweight Settings dialog box and change the display scale, the lineweight display scale keeps unchanged. In addition, the lineweight display scale does not affect the lineweight plotting value.

       Lineweight that are represented more than one pixels increase regeneration time. Turning off the display of lineweight optimizes performance of the program.

     In model space, press LWT button on the status toolbar to turn lineweight display on and off.

Display Lineweights in Layouts

     In paper space (layout tab), lineweights are displayed in exact plotting width.

     In plot preview and paper space, lineweights are displayed in real-world units, and lineweight changes with the scale factor. From the Plotting Scale tab of Plot dialog box, you can control the lineweight plotting and scaling in a drawing.

     In paper space, press LWT button on the status toolbar to turn lineweight display on and off. This change does not affect the lineweight plotting.

Commands Reference

LWEIGHT: Sets the current lineweight, lineweight display options, and lineweight units

PLINE: Creates two-dimensional polylines

LAYER: Manages layers and layer properties

PEDIT: Edits polylines and three-dimensional polygon meshes

PLOT: Plots a drawing to a plotter, printer, or file

System Variables Reference

LWDISPLAY: Controls whether the lineweight is displayed on the Model or Layout tab

PLINEWID: Stores the default polyline width 

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