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Isometric Drawing in ZWCAD

May 20, 2011

Choose Preset 3D Views

    You can define perspective views of a model to create realistic effects.

    Select predefined standard orthographic and isometric views by name or description. These views represent commonly used options: Top, Bottom, Front, Left, Right, and Back. In addition, you can set views from isometric options: SW (southwest) Isometric, SE (southeast) Isometric, NE (northeast) Isometric, and NW (northwest) Isometric.

   To understand how the isometric views work, imagine you are looking down at the top of a box. If you move toward the lower-left corner of the box, you are viewing the box from the SW Isometric View. If you move toward the upper-left corner of the box, you are viewing it from NW Isometric View.


Draw 2D Isometric Views

   With Isometric Snap, you can create 2D objects that appear to be 3D solids.

    By setting Isometric Snap on the Draft Settings dialog box and turning on Snap and Grid, you can easily align objects along one of three isometric planes. However, although the isometric drawing looks like 3D, it is actually a 2D representation. Therefore, you cannot extract distance and areas, display objects from different viewports, or delete hidden lines automatically.

Set Isometric Grid and Snap

   By aligning along three major axes, isometric drawing simulates a 3D drawing from specified viewpoint.

    When the snap angle is set to 0, the axes of the isometric plane are 30 degrees, 90 degrees and 150 degrees.

    With Isometric Snap on, you can work on any of three isometric planes, each with a pair of associated axes.

  • Left. The left isometric plane defined by a pair of 90- and 150-degrees axes. The snap and grips align along the 90- and 150-degree axes.

  • Top. The top isometric plane defined by a pair of 30- and 150-degrees axes. The snap and grips align along the 30- and 150-degrees axes.

  • Right. The right isometric plane defined by a pair of 90- and 30-degrees axes. The snap and grips align along the 90- and 30-degrees axes.



    In addition to using ISOPLANE command to switch isometric planes, you can also use shortcut key F5 or CTRL+E. specifying one of the three isometric planes results in Ortho and crosshairs to be aligned along the corresponding isometric axes.

     For example, when Ortho is on, the points you specified align along the simulated plane you are working on. Therefore, you can draw the top plane first, and switch to the left plane to draw another side, and then switch to the right plane to complete the drawing.



Draw Isometric Circles

      You can create an isometric circle on the current isometric plane using Ellipse Isocircle. The Isocircle option is available only when the Isometric Snap is on.

Commands Reference

VIEW:Saves and restores named views

SETTINGS: Specifies settings for Snap mode, grid, and polar and object snap tracking

GRID: Displays a dot grid in the current viewport

ISOPLANE: Specifies the current isometric plane

ORTHO: Constrains cursor movement

SNAP: Restricts cursor movement to specified intervals

System Variables Reference

ISOLINES: Specifies the number of isolines per surface on objects

SNAPISOPAIR: Controls the isometric plane for the current viewport

SNAPSTYL: Sets the snap style for the current viewport

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