Fast Toy Modeling by ZW3D Surface Function

A professional surface function for your product design is essential. A fast and efficient solution will bring a unique concept to the user during the design process.

Happy CADing with ZW3D: Design Gamepad with ZW3D

A gamepad (also called joypad or control pad), is a type of game controller held in two hands, where the finge...

Application of ZW3D in Wood Processing Industry

Application of ZW3D in Woodworking Machinery IndustryThrough years of development, the woodworking machinery industry...

Happy CADing with ZW3D: Design Bronze Jue Cup with ZW3D

In this article, we will show you how to design a Bronze Jue Cup, a tripod vessel or goblet used to serve or warm wine in ancient China, with ZW3D step by step. Jue is also a royal gift for nobles and heroes from the emperor.

ZW3D CAD/CAM Tutorials: Wide Applicability of Flex Tools in ZW3D 2014

The newly released edition, ZW3D 2014 Beta, is accompanied by lots of practical and handy improvements, and new features. In this article, the application of Flex Tools in industries like hardware, sheet metal, artwork and toys, will be introduced.

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