ZWSOFT Global Partner Conference (GPC) 2009 was the first annual gathering that provided a forum for international ZWCAD partners to connect, share and learn. This global conference took place on 25-28 August, in Guangzhou, China, with roughly 100 people from 31 countries and regions.

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GPC Official Meeting  

GPC Partner Awards 

picture of official meeting

During the Official Meeting from August 25 to August 26, senior ZWSOFT executives and experienced ZWCAD distributors shared their overall vision, solutions, and strategies regarding the future and development of ZWCAD.

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The biggest highlight of the conference was the Awards Ceremony for ZWCAD's Excellent Distributors of 2008-2009 on August 25. ZWSOFT rewarded 10 partners who have produced an outstanding performance in the past one year.

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GPC Free Talk Sessions  

ZWCAD Wish List 

Free Talk Wish list

The free talk sessions, held from August 26- August 28, aimed to keep ZWCAD partners informed about the latest trends in sales, marketing and technical management solutions. They have provided a great opportunity for all the attending partners to connect with each other and learn from each other.

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In order to provide better service and support for users, ZWSOFT was implementing a wish list project by using ZWCAD wishes and questions collected from its partners before and during the conference.

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