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2014 thoughts and comments so far

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 2014 thoughts and comments so far
15-08-2014 09:29 . pm | View his/her posts only
Finally(!) downloaded and started using ZW2014 this week, as a break came about in my current project that I'm still using ZW2011 for.
Have 2 very basic feedback comments at the moment.

First is in the sketcher when you want to edit a dimension or input a new one, when the dimension box pops up and you scroll your mouse wheel, the dimension does not scroll, instead the page zooms in and out. I'm guessing if I hold down shift or alt or something then this will switch from zoom function to alter dimension, however it would be "nice" if it was the other way round - primary mouse wheel function operates change dimension NOT zoom.

Second comment is everytime you come out of a sketch or performing an action the history jumps back to the top. To me this is annoying as I like to see what my next history operation is going to be, so I would rather it jumped - or stayed - where the "model stop here" arrow is, with history operations visible either side.

Hope you find these comments useful.



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16-08-2014 04:41 . am | View his/her posts only
Hi David,
welcome to the big learning curve.

Correct - the wonderful 'VX scroll anywhere' is gone.
I don't know why and have lamented the loss for a while now - 2012 on infact. I think there is some explanation - maybe the MS style GUI is to blame. Over time you will get used to it but it is not as intuitive or easy as the VX style. If it came back I would be delighted.

Re the history.
I am presuming you mean the history view jumps to the top and the edit location is hidden. This is silly behaviour that I have asked for a remedy for long time. If you want to chime in with support please do. However if you use the play next arrow it will jump back - not exactly efficient - but at least it does come back - there was a version that didn't!

I have asked that the current edit feature sits about 4 or 5 operations above the bottom of the window so I can see what is coming next. But is anyone listening? I dont know.
If it did that I would be very pleased. That would be 'user helpful' and save a lot of clicks per day.
(I am certain that is an easy thing to set up)

You will find a number of little irksome retrograde or inconsistent behaviours in the GUI. You can live with all of them but they do detract form the otherwise massive improvements. Inconsistency in behaviour is it's major flaw. What was a VX strength is currently a ZW weakness.

We have a saying here "you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone". Newbies will not miss what they never had, but we have seen a different world and know what once was.

But this is NOT all negative - 2014 is a vast improvement in modelling power and ease over 2011. And based on beta testing SP1 will address some issues that are broken and bring some snappy new features.

But you have a lot of relearning ahead to get up to speed with the changes.

For me, I would never want to go back - the speed and ease with which i can effect change in a model, an assembly and it 's associated drawings is a world away from the VX days. It is vastly more stable, reliable,error resilient and helpful. And the output can be much more beautiful.

My suggestion is watch as many of the Webinars and videos on 2013 and 2014 as you can find.
Cheers - Paul

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19-08-2014 10:29 . pm | View his/her posts only
Hi Paul

Thanks for the comments. Yes the 2 examples you raise are the same as that which I am finding a little...annoying.

I agree with everything you are saying, and of course like anything, most of the time people will not provide feedback if they are happy, you only receive negative feedback of complaints.

I have been using ZW2011 as I have been doing a big project in it, however that is drawing to a close, and I had a small modelling job the other day so I thought I would give 2014 a go. So far it seems good, I believe it has only crashed on me once. As soon as the service pack is available I will upload and carry on. It's nice to see a few things we "complained" about previously have been fixed i.e. pick filter shading can now be changed away from the "marble effect".

I have been a VX user since 2005 so I have seen many versions along the way, and ZW2011 has been pretty solid for me. I think 2014 will be the next version I will start to use, however I did do a few small jobs in 2012 and apart from a few personal things like colour it worked fine.

I'm sure I'll have more feedback the more I use, and likely whatever I find as an issue will have already been reported by now, but I'll still try to post any comments I have.


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