Trouble Shootingfor Soft-Key Activation

Please Read These Tips for Successful Installation & Activation

1.    Install and run ZWCAD+ under Administrator privileges.

2.    Ensure your computer’s system time matches the current time.

3.   3. It is not available to run the activated standalone ZWCAD+ by remote login the system.

4.    To use your ZWCAD+ license on another computer, remember to first return the license from the original computer. (You do not need to uninstall the program, only to return its license.) Your license can then be used on the other computer.

5.    Remember to return the license before doing any of the following operations:

a)     Reformatting your computer’s hard drive,

b)     Reinstalling the operating system.

c)     Making major hardware changes – such as adding an internal hard disk, replacing the graphics board, or adding more RAM.

Part 1:Stand-Alone Version
Error message: "Activate fail! The number of activated copies has reached the maximum quantity authorized.If you want to upgrade, please return the former License Code first."
Error message: "Activation ID does not exist! Please check." Inputted the License Code in the ZWSOFT License Center, and then got the error message: "The ID specified is invalid." (P.1-4) Error Message:"Activation failed, the License Code with the License Model of current application does not match, please check!"
Part 2:Network Version


Workstation fails to get License from server.


How to make sure the licenses on the server are available for the workstation. Started server successfully but was unable to distribute licenses to the workstation. (P.2-6) Error message: “License Code does not exist! Please check! ” Error message: “Activate failed! The quantity of license can not exceed the maximum number available..” Error message: “License can’t be returned. License server is running, stop and uninstall the service before try again!” (P.2-15) Error message: “Return failed, Ensure all fulfillment record from this fulfillment are returned!” (P.2-17)
Part 3:Others
How to Distinguish Between different Versions of License Code. How to check whether the License Code is being used or free.
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