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    • TopoLT is an application offering tools for 2D and 3D aplications and functionalities useful for all those who design topographical or cadastral plans in digital format, who develop 3D terrain models and contours, fill and cut volumes calcu

    • Main features of ProfLT generating profiles using 2D polylines with points, 3D polylines or the 3D model; automatic generation of longitudinal and cross profiles using the point codes; automatic drawing of points from coordinate files; auto

    • The Standard version is suitable to carry out all kinds of surveying, terrain profile, volume calculation, etc. projects. Its main users include the public administration, construction companies, engineering firms, architects, town planners

    • Surveying points The program starts to run from the coordinates obtained at any total or GPS station by converting files from data-gathering stations.

    • Converts most of the files from total stations and electronic data recorders available in the market. The distinction between points and stations can be configured based on their number, code, prefix or automatically. Editor after conversio

    • ESurvey Sections is a complete Section Creation and Management Solution designed to help engineers, surveyors and designers to create industry standard drawings and to generate instant calculation reports related to Road / Railway lines / I

    • ESurvey CAD is a comprehensive and compact software solution for surveyors and Engineers for creating Contours, calculating Earthwork quantities and converting point data into CAD to generate Topographical map. It comes with three modules l

    • E Survey Lisps ZWCAD/AutoCAD users have their own set of lisps for automation, which save a lot of time. But searching for a suitable lisp from this set of lisps is difficult. Also, most of these lisps are freely available on the Internet o

    • Application is dedicated for road engineers. It helps to design roads by support in: Inserting road signs (database of signs) Automation of drawing horizontal signs (lines, arrows, pedestrian crossing) Application contains module to designi

    • Survey and Cogo: Set points, traverse, sideshot, inverse, intersect, import export points, import linework from point file, design lots by area. Label lines, curves and areas. DTM: Create a Triangulated Irregular Network. Use fault lines to

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