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July 29, 2011


The official ZWCAD 2009 is updated now! You can download the latest version by following links:

ZWCAD 2009 (Vernum: 2009.01.23 (9080):

²  ZWCAD 2009 Eng: The whole program has been repacked for you, please download it from the following link:


²  ZWCAD 2009 Net Server:

(Software encryption): http://down.zwcad.com/en/ZWLMS/2009/ZWLMS_Eng.exe

²  DRX SDK package, if you want to use DRX interface to program, please download it from the following link:


²  IF you want to burn the latest CD, please view the instruction from following link:


The packages of ZWCAD 2009 Net Server (dongle version), teaching movie and cad fonts stay the same as those released on January 5th, 2009. In order to provide more convenient updates for customers, from now on, the update patch will be available for you in each three months approximately.

In this latest version, it fixed kinds of problems, especially the stability and processing efficiency, if you are using the official release on Jan 5, it is advised to update to the latest. The detailed improvements are as below:

1. Highly improved stability

1.1     Crash report

Fixed some problems the feedback of crash report, especially the following problems:

1)        ZWCAD Suddenly crashes when it is closing

2)        ZWCAD crashes if picking the spline as the boundary to trim

3)        ZWCAD crashes if moving the multiple grips in some situations

4)        ZWCAD crashes if the operation of Panzoom is used

5)        ZWCAD crashes when it is plotting in some cases.

2.  Processing speed

2.1     lisp efficiency

The processing speed of lisp has been highly increased in this patch

1) The speed of creating entities is considerably three times faster. (Environment: WinXp SP2,2G RAM)

2.2     CopyClip

CopyClip is 70% faster than previous version (2008.01.05), the usage of memory is highly improved. (Environment:WinXp SP2, 1G RAM)

2.3     Spline

The speed of opening the drawing including a large number of spline has been increased about 40%. (Environment:WinXp SP2, 1G RAM)

2.4     speed of snap

Highly increase the speed of snapping to the large drawings

3.  Fixed list

It fixed some problems from the request of customers.

3.1     The difference between dialog mode and command mode

1972       -hatch: the pattern can’t be found at the command mode.

4209       hatchedit: adding the command mode of this function

4424       options: adding the search path for Plotter files and Plot styles

5783       Adding the command mode for hatch command

6970       options: Adding the printer support file path

7339       -hatch: add the new parameters to the command mode

9326       -plot:”Center” doesn’t work at the command mode

3.2     Plot

7126       plot:Hidden Plot doesn’t work

8196       plot: adding the “add plotters” to plotter manager

8746       PLOT: the precision of the text

8904       -PLOT:”Fit to paper” doesn’t work at the command mode

9165       PREVIEW:Preview of drawing orientation works opposite, while the landscape displayed as portrait

9166       PLOT:"Apply to Layout" doesn’t work

9245       plot: the precision is bad in the Preview dialog

9315       plot: the drawing can’t be plotted inside the boundary of paper with HP500 plotter.

3.3  3D improvement

7422 plot: 3D block doesn’t work with 3D Hidden Plot

3.4   Menu

Fixed the display problem of image menu

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