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July 29, 2011


ZWCAD 2009i Download Links

ZWCAD 2009i English installation program (Professional &Standard):
(STD and PRO version included in the same package)
ZWCAD 2009i English installation program (Academic):
ZWCAD 2009i English update patch:
ZWCAD 2009i Professional:
ZWCAD 2009i Standard:
ZWCAD 2009i Academic:
ZWCAD 2009i Net Server:
Hardware encryption
Soft encryption
Teaching Movies
For the teaching movies, you can download them from the link below:
ZWCAD 2009i Japanese
ZWCAD 2009i Russian
ZWCAD 2009i Korean
ZWCAD 2009i Czech

List of ZWCAD 2009i Technical & Marketing Resources

1.     Update List of ZWCAD 2009i:
2.     How to burn a CD of ZWCAD 2009i?
1.     Catalogues, Flyers and Brochures (PDF)
 (In these marketing materials, changes are made to DRX and some key features of ZWCAD 2009i)
2.     ZWCAD 2009i Press Release
3.     ZWCAD 2009i Newsletter (doc, HTML)
4.     ZWCAD 2009i Banner Design
The list (including download links of these resources) will be updated if new files (e.g., technical videos about ZWCAD 2009i) are added. You can always download the list using this link.

1)    ZWCAD2009i is based on ZWCAD 2009, so you can use your previous license code or activation ID to activate it. You are not required to apply for a new license code or activation ID for registration
2)   The letter i is added to ZWCAD2009 because the improvement is obvious to the customers especially the improvement on the plotting function.

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