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LANTERN (innovative Liquid-Air Non-stop Toxic Eliminator by using Renewable Nature) iLANTERN is a dual cleaning equipment that filters air pollution and as well as purifying impurities of rain water. It is suspended up in the atmosphere with the help of built-in balloon so it will easily collect those atmospheric impurities. It is powered wind generator and solar panel that is attached to the rechargeable battery. 1. iLANTERN is lifted by the balloon filled with helium gas that is attached to the main body (cylinder). 2. While suspended up in the atmosphere (usually over the roof houses), once the wind blows, the fan blades rotates the generator located at the upper cylinder. Electricity produced is then delivered to rechargeable battery located below the generator. Above the funnel, a dome-shaped solar panel is located. It supports the sufficient amount of electricity of the rechargeable battery. 3. When activated, the built-in vacuum sucked the air pollutants (carbon dioxide & carbon monoxide) that passes through the slits located perpendicular to the fan blades. These air pollutants is then filtered to the filter chamber located at the middle of the cylinder. Cleaned air (oxygen) is being pumped out to the four ventilation pipes located just below the funnel. 4. When raining, the rain water will be collected by the funnel located below the dome-shaped solar panel. These rain water will go directly to the water filter chamber located at the bottom of the cylinder. By the process of electrolysis, the acid rain will be breakdown into fresh water. These cleaned water will be pumped out at the four pipes located at the foot of the chamber. iLANTERN can lessen the crisis of GLOBAL WARMING down to 50% if all of us are using this on our own houses & other air polluted areas. iLANTERN uses the renewable souces of nature such power from the wind and from the sun.

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