Name: Solar desk lamp
Country: Croatia
Votes: 4
Ranking: 15
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With my first ZW3D project for this contest I tried to think out of the box. I tried to keep it simple, practical and easy to produce. My idea with this design was: keep our planet clean by not using dirty sources of energy. As we all know the biggest pollution of our world comes from dirty energy sources (like fossil-fuel power stations) which increase global warming. With this solar powered lamp everyday user could have a feeling that he is making a difference to reduce global warming. Lamp would be made out of some kind of milk glass or some similar eco material, it would be wired inside with LED tube(s) in different colors so user could chose color of light and all power would come from HQ solar panels. Other practical application of this product is that it can be used as iPad holder (digital image frame or something similar) when you put it in horizontal position.

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