Name: Electric Vechicle
Author: Stefan Varga
Country: Slovenia
Votes: 7
Ranking: 12
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The fossil fuels are a big problem for the environment, fumes pollute the air and oil spills the water. e Bella is an electric urban vehicle designed to commute two people. It can also carry personal luggage (25 liters) or be equipped with a second engine for extra sport performance. In the hot days the panels can be removed, allowing for a cabriolet ride to the beach. It is equipped with a full roll cage and five point seat belts for safety. Low center of gravity and adjustable suspension allow for on road stability and excellent cornering. When parked, or in storage, the vehicle can be raised and shortened from 1800mm to less than 1300mm consuming even less space. Wings with solar panels can be mounted on the vehicle, making it even more efficient. The rims are designed in a way that they suck the air inwards and cool the inner components.

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