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Webinar:Want to Quickly Create Diversified Models? ZW3D Gets it Done for You!
Date: 2012-05-08 09:00 GMT+8 -- 2012-06-08 10:00 GMT+8
Product: ZW3D


Presenter: William

William is a technical expert in ZW3D, particularly good at mold design.


When you first start creating a design, do you use a surface or solid?

When choosing surface or solid tools, how to decide which tools or commands are more suitable?

How do you use surface to create different models?



  • Curve and Surface, Surface and Solid
  • Surface analytical: Three angled surface, Multilateral Surface, Transitional Surface, Complete Surface
  • Surface editors and diagnosis; Surface repair
  • Application skills and application cases


What  you can learn:

  • The various methods of mastering surface designs, the new skills of improving work efficiency
  • How to create a freeform surface with reverse engineering
  • How to build internal parent-child relationships with objects to define the model


ZW3D freeform surfacing design provides free shape and surface design functions, allowing designers and engineers to quickly and easily create extremely accurate designs. It also has a unique aesthetic feeling of product design which is according to your requirements, not software limitations.


With ZW3D, you can design accurate surfaces to get meticulous drawings that are ready for manufacturing. It also lets you keep your complete connections for modification at any time. This allows designers to have confidence in researching different designs and create beautiful products which result in increased sales

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