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New CAD features in ZW3D 2013
Date: 2013-02-05 09:00 CET -- 2013-02-05 10:00 CET
Product: ZW3D


Presenter: Orchid Jin

ZW3D Technical Engineer


ZW3D is all-in-one CAD/CAM software for 3D modeling, mold design and machining.

ZW3D 2010 integrated the powerful data translator.

In ZW3D 2011, there was efficient Direct Edit and an integrated PartSolutions library.

ZW3D 2012 had a new Ribbon interface and provided many new CAM features, including 2X turning.


What’s new in ZW3D 2013?


In this webinar, we will show you all the new CAD features in ZW3D 2013:

  1. Modern UI and simplified workflow
  2. Higher quality data exchange
  3. Efficient sketch and drafting
  4. Productive modeling and assembly

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