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Size: 200 MB

Update Date: 2013-10-28

Required application: ZWCAD+ 2014


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CADPak is a CAD Extension for Topography.

CADPak Manages the complete iter, from the restitution of surveys to the production of digital terrain models (DTM).

CADPak is completely performed inside the graphic user interface of ZWCAD without any external files such as DXF or others. Data is directly uploaded and produce a DWG format.

Steps are:

• data reading directly from recording topographic instruments
• computing of branched traverses with compensation
• restitution of detail points and stations directly inside AutoCAD GUI
• creation of triangulated irregular network
• drawing of contour lines
• extraction of longitudinal sections along points, lines, polines and Cornu spirals, both from TINs and contour models
• planning of steady gradients directly on sections drawn in AutoCAD

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