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Matininkas 2014



Size: 12 MB

Update Date: 2013-12-19

Required application: ZWCAD+ 2014 Academic


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The purpose of „Matininkas“ information system is to gather and store cadastral survey data and other real estate data, such as buildings including the ones with engineering purpose, their parts. The system gives a possibility of getting data from the cadastre  database  for the measurement purpose and submission of finished work for testing purposes. The system consists of a centralized database and software on the supplier site and two separate parts on the client side, meaning one that is web based and client should connect with a web browser, this one gives a possibility to fill cadastral forms, the other one is a cad based building drawing preparation software with a possibility of data flow in two directions regarding supplier centralized database. Cad based system is made on the basis of ZWCAD+ 2014 and it is is a separate package that has to be installed on top of the ZWCAD+ 2014 Professional. External users can work only in case of acquired hardware keys. Then information from suppliers database can be read and data, including drawings, area measurements and description, coordinates list can be written back. This information later on can be seen in a web based application, whereas user is filling cadastral forms.

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