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  • Hi William , when you think that ZW2013 italian will be ready ?
  • Hi William, user chsy hasn't hlped the forum any. Is he a ZW cowboy? Talking to knowledgeable users, they complain the forum doesnt work... * Not enough topic streams means it is hard to find info. e.g. Solids, Sketcher, Drawing, Assembly, Sheetmetal, Surface etc. * Lack of feed back from ZW on topics. * Not enough users. * Notification doesn't work. I couldn't argue with any of them. Please share with Stephen and Ivan Cheers Paul Cheers - Paul
  • Hi William, Can you assist on getting a standalone license converted to a network license?!
  • William I still can't get 2013 out of the box. Trouble configuring it to a DEFAULT of 3 place decimal. I watched Orchid's webinar but could not understand her.Paul helped me to make a file (mikes_3pl_DEC.Z3. 2013 still will not pick it up as default. It has to be in configuring file. Thank you Grasshopper
  • Hi William, Just a suggestion, but when using the Dim Tool Toolbar, when the precision is changed, can we also change precision of the tolerance for that dimension. The number of decimal places of a tolerance per ASME, and perhaps other standards require the number of decimal places of a tolerance be the same as the number of decimal places of the dimension. If someone wants the decimal places to be different, they could certainly accomplish that with dimension attributes. Thanks, DaveD
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