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Caratteristiche chiave

1. Easy on your budget


2. Reduce cost of learning


3. Ideal CAD/CAM integration


4. Simplify your toughest jobs

About ZW3D 2010

ZW3D handles your toughest jobs


ZW3D 2010 is a complete 3D CAD/CAM suite that provides ease-of-use, performance, and super-fast functionality. The software offers tools for complex part and assembly modeling, production drawing, Mold & Die, reverse engineering, motion simulation and optimization as well as the ability to output 2 through 5-axis optimized machining.


  • Designers get the freedom to create and conceptualize without limits

ZW3D 2010 lets you focus on creating innovative designs, rather than on how to use CAD software. The built-in Show-n-Tell tutorials significantly reduce your learning curve and increase design efficiency.


  • Engineers have the tools to design for manufacturing

The software simplifies your design process withspecialized functionality for sheet metal, plastic parts, molds, dies and machining.


  • Mold & die makers work efficiently with unhealed, raw geometry

With an optimized knowledge base for building components such as electrodes and mold-bases, there won’t be many projects you’ll have to build totally from scratch.


  • Powerful manipulation of surfaces, solids, STL and scan data makesrapid prototyping fast and easy

ZW3D 2010 has the power to handle your most complex geometry, assemblies, and intricate drawings which helps you get your projects into production on time, every time.


  • Machinists quickly generate reliable efficient tool path

ZW3D CAM supports 2-axis, 3-axis, 4/5-axis multi-sided and simultaneous milling plus High-Speed Machining, visualization and intelligent rest material removal. Knowledge-based machining strategies enable you to capture and store your manufacturing know-how which helps you to reduce programming and machining time.

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