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artifex Building Design




Size: 512 MB

Update Date:2013-12-18


Required application:ZWCAD+2014 Pro, ZWCAD+2014 Std


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were used as the first artifex program. So it was always possible for example by changing a dimension chain, theMaking change a floor plan. Through the use of intelligent, construction-specific parametric objectsthe dimensions before, during or after the specified input. It is only an indication of wall endpointsor the location of openings required.
Intelligent digital 3D building model based on a volume key.Easy FM Weiterverarbeitungist analysis and by storing thePossible components in a database.Easy entry in the 2D and 3D mode
Automatic switching of the display 2D / 3D
Since the components are kept as parametric objects in a database,is automatically the complete 3D - information available. By pressing a buttonIt is therefore possible in the 2D - toggle switch representations for plans, work plans, schedules and entry.Here, the respective special requirements are automatically considered for the presentation.With the same simplicity, the change in the 3D gschieht - edge model, which is the inputof components in the spatial view allows, or in volume images, which in additionthe basis for photo-realistic representations form

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