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CP-Symbols Architectural - Safety and evacuation

€ 55


Languages:English;Bulgarian;Chinese(Simplified);Croatian;Czech;Danish;Dutch; Finnish;French;German;Greek;Hungarian;Italian;Latvian;Polish;Portuguese; Romanian;Russian;Serbian;Slovenian;Spanish;Swedish;Turkish

Size: 444 MB

Update Date:2017-03-29


Required application:ZWCAD+2014 Pro, ZWCAD+2012 Pro, ZWCAD 2017 Pro


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CP-Symbols Architectural - Safety and evacuation possesses symbols used on evacuation plans and Health and Safety symbols.

The CP-Symbols program also contains general commands:

Lines (pipes, ducts, cables) – this function allows to draw single-line lines in a schematic view.
Frames and tables – contains a library of basic frames and drawing tables.
Attributes and descriptions – is used to edit attribute values of one or many symbols.
Bill of materials – is used to create specifications from elements used in the drawing.

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