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€ 1200



Size: 300 MB

Update Date:2016-11-15


Required application:ZWCAD+2014 Pro, ZWCAD+2012 Pro


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DZETACAD 10 is part of the AUTOFLUID 10 software suite for professionals in the fields of HVAC and sanitary, medical and industrial fluids.

With DZETACAD you will be able to quickly compute pressure drops in air and water networks that were designed with AUTOGAINE or AUTOTUBE.

AUTOFLUID 10: MEP software designed by users, for users

Save precious time with simple and functional tools that were developed by experts in the field of fluids engineering.

Up to 80% more productive

Configure, draw and dress installation drawings in few mouse clicks.

Sharp tools for clean and reliable drawings

An exhaustive library of customisable graphic elements to draft with extreme precision and high visual quality.

Training and hotline to ensure you stay efficient

With good training you will yield 100% of AUTOFLUID's benefits in your field. And if you need help, our hotline is free and easy to reach.

Traceocad YouTube channel

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