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Update Date:2016-12-21


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A lot of people keep on focus on CAD software, where they want to have value for money and compatible to CAD dwg format. But most of them over look on features that available in CAD. Every industries has it own standard features in which is not supported by CAD software. For example in structural engineering, user may needs to draw rebar. It is an important feature in structural engineering but NOT in other fields. Another example is draw bearing in layout will be a crucial feature in land surveyors.
As a result, we are here to fill up this gap for you. We have been in specialize in CAD environmental more than 20 years. We have sufficient knowledge on what are the lacking features in engineering. Therefore, now; we are working on those features that can extensively help and improve the productivity on CAD operation. Somehow, we also explore into other sector such as architecture to incorporate more and more modules.
Currently our app contains more than 71 modules which comes with productivity on CAD drafting. We are keeping on add on new modules on top of current modules. We are welcome any feature requests.

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