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General Tools

    • Imports Word document into ZWCAD.

    • Plan2folio is a software that enables the generation and the quick ploting at scale of sheets set.

    • Parceller is a software that enable to compute and generate Voronoï diagrams and the associated Delaunay triangulations.

    • ITEXT is a software that enable to number easily, and in many ways, a set of texts.

    • Engineering Document Management and Collaboration Software.

    • Auto-layering, and dozens of powerful commands and macros increase your productivity for any kind of work. Many toolbars are provided, along with configurable Options, a Macro Help dialog, and extensive Help system.

    • AutoTable can import Excel worksheet into ZWCAD and modify it with Excel at anytime. 

    • Link / import / insert the ZWCAD Attributes from Excel spreadsheet.

    • Displays an exact representation of the layer dialog in your browser, ready to save or print.

    • Export layer filters drawing from a drawing to an external file that can be imported into new drawngs using the companion Import tool.

    • InnerSoft CAD is a plug-in for ZWCAD+ that installs a set of productivity tools for Civil and Survey engineering, Counting, Estimating and measurements in construction project budgets.

    • Scalypso is a software suite for the reconstruction of CAD geometry out of 3D laser scan data. It supports with a wide range file formats and comes with a build-in real-time interface to ZWCAD+.  The software suite provides a set of powerful but easy to use tools, including methods for format transformation, scan registration, 3D data analysis, CAD reconstruction, and the management of 3D laser scan projects.  The station-based handling of 3D point clouds allows the creation of as-built documentation with an unlimited number of scans.

    • This program lets you locate and automatically generate blocks with a selection of drawing entities.

    • Batch Print is a batch CAD drawings print software tool, it can be widely used in Mechanics, Electronics, Architecture, Survey, Decoration industry, and can significantly reduce your manual labor and save papers and money. Batch Print provide ActiveX development interface for user, and supply integrate use with PLM.

    • PSTools+ is a free data extraction tool for adding and extracting data from drawings to ZWCAD+ tables or Excel.

    • DWG Columns freeware shows the DWG and DXF version in Explorer columns or in file dialog boxes within ZWCAD+ or other applications.

    • Imports PDF files directly into ZWCAD+ (2014 or higher).

    • XL2CAD overcomes the limits and problems associated with OLE placement of Excel spreadsheets inside ZWCAD.

    • Word2CAD overcomes the limits and problems associated with OLE placement of Microsoft Word documents into ZWCAD.
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