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Update Date:2014-02-12


Required application:ZWCAD+2014 Pro


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Base Module

Labels: Labeling tools include coordinates, curves, direction/distance, leaders, perpendicular offsets and slopes (in plan view). A very powerful label objects tool will label all unique segments of a selection set and place field based area labels in the middle of parcels.

MapImport: Import major formats produced by ESRI, civil applications and government agencies. Select multiple files, specify a coordinate window, and quickly import mapping information directly into your CAD drawing.

MapExport: Export drawing geometry to several formats, including ESRI Shapefiles, MapInfo and more.

Library: Contains 260+ symbols and a Symbol Manager, numerous linetypes and hatch patterns.

Projections: Includes support for all major systems, including LL27, LL84, NAD27, NAD83, HARN, etc. Transform geometry in the drawing from one system to another and more.

Google Earth: Export the drawing to Google Earth including labels, points, polylines and more. Automatically vectorizes text and inserts so the results look like your CAD drawing.

Tools: A large collection of tools including polyline, 3dPolyline grading tools, curve calculator and world image handling.

XData: A complete system of storing attributes on any object (including linear) with a field/value based system. Easily edited or used to draw thematic maps, etc.

Alignments Module

Labeling: Label station offsets, edge labels, and place blocks along alignments using station/offset information.

Processes: Import points from text files containg station/offset information, scans left/right at specified stations for intersection of relative figures.

Reports: Report alignment information with ROW points showing calculated station/offset and description.

Parcels Module

Manager: Create parcels from polylines or a collection of lines/arcs.

Reports: Generate reports (detailed of summary) of areas, perimeters, etc.

LegalReader: Open a containing a legal description and with a single click, the bearings & distances are parsed to a grid with coordinates and closure calculated. Most curves are detected, including support for radial-in, radial-out. Once closure is acceptable another click draws the boundary in CAD.

LegalWriter: The most comprehensive and capable Legal Description writer available. Highly customizable so the results match your desired output format.

Points Module

AutoFormat: As points are placed (by any method including import) you control the layers and appearance by point code.

AutoDraw: Automatically connects field points with 2D or 3D linework and symbols. Generates 2DPoly, 2DPolyFit, 3DPoly, or Spline objects as controlled by the user for each code.

Groups: Manage point groups including adding, deleting, renaming and more. Quickly add/remove points by description match, elevation range, inside linear object or window, number range, etc.

Traverse: Allows typed entry of raw traverse data and importing from multiple formats. User configurable editor allows quick and easy entry of traverses in angle right, azimuth, deflection, bearing & distance and more. Define loops and calculate closure. Plots resulting points and optional traverse and sideshot lines. Imports raw data files.

Add: Add points using multiple methods including by picking (or entering coordinates), on existing CAD objects and much more.

Convert: Convert existing blocks or text object to survey points in batch.

Edit: Change and transform points as needed including rotate, translate, scaling, cluster management and much more.

Inquiry: Generate point reports, compare points, inverse, point tables, etc.

Import/Export: Supports numerous industry standard formats (AUF, CR5, CRD, XML) and even imports and exports ESRI point shapefiles.

Profile/Sections Module

Connect: Connect points, including sections in the model by automatically connecting points crossing alignments.

Objects: Create from 3dPolylines or intersecting existing objects with elevatations.

Sample: Sample surfaces to generate profiles or multiple sections.

Plot/Label: Generate results in the drawing as blocks for easy moving, editing.

Surfaces Module

Analysis: Assigns a color to a selection set of 3dFaces based on a selected parameter or reports details about surfaces such as area by slope range.

Contour: Create contours from drawing objects, triangulation or grid files with options. The resulting geometry can be polylines or splines placed into separate designated major/minor layers. Optionally label contours automatically with linetypes that don't break the contour. Choose from two methods, triangulation (faster) or rectangular grid (smoother).

Convert: Read a grid, tin, or csv points file and converts to any supported format.

Drape Objs: Drapes a selection set of objects (3DFACE, ARC, CIRCLE, ELLIPSE, INSERT, LINE, MTEXT, POINT, POLYLINE, SPLINE, or TEXT) onto a surface.

Grade Poly: Generates a 3DPoly at a designed grade on a surface. After picking the initial point it shows possible directions (there is usually two) and prompt for the starting direction. When the looking forward grade cannot be determined it prompts for direction which allows for switchbacks on steep slopes.

Grid Create: Creates a grid file from drawing geometry or existing TIN file. Optionally process multiple layers to create multiple surfaces.

Solid: Adds flat base & skirt to create a solid in STL format for apps like Flow3D or creates a 3dSolid directly in the drawing.

FileReview: Review surface files showing specifications with zoom, show, label options.

Plot: Draws a grid or triangulation surface as Points, 3DLines, 3DFaces, or a 3DPolymesh with many options including limit boundaries, borders, elevation ranges, etc. Also project coordinates between systems and do vertical exaggeration, detects many file coordinate systems automatically.

Spot Anno: Draws spot elevations, slope arrows, etc. Includes the ability to use separate colors for positive/negative values on difference grids.

Tin Create: Creates a triangulated irregular network file from drawing geometry.

Volumes: Calculate grid based volumes from CAD layers with printable report.

MassPoints: Import or convert multiple Lidar and point cloud files (including Leica Cyclone *.PTS & XYZ/XYZi) with data reducing constraints. Isolate by bounding object or rectangle, elevation ranges, and interval. Reduces data burden by as much as 90%+ without sacrificing quality.

Breaklines: Tag linear geometry as breaklines or manage previously assigned designations.

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