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€ from 1200

Version:AutoFLUID 2009

Languages:French ; English

Size: 250 MB

Update Date:2014-10-16


Required application:ZWCAD+2014 Pro, ZWCAD+2012 Pro


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AutoFLUID 2009 is a CAD application for professionals in the fields of HVAC and sanitary, medical and industrial fluids.

Tracéocad have developed a range of applications that aim to save you precious time. AutoGAINE, AutoTUBE, AutoSAN, AutoCOUPE, DzetaCAD help you plan all your HVAC, hygiene, plumbing, medical or industrial fluids. Together they ensure technical rigor and exceptional productivity.

Now you can configure, draft and dress all your plans in a few mouse clicks. With the AutoFLUID suite you'll be able to insert components and texts in tables automatically, configure equipment terminals, compute pressure drops and draw openings more efficiently than ever.


The new generation Autofluid brings new productivity standards to the world of CAD software for fluids and air networks. A re-modelled interface, new functionalities and new applications shorten the drafting process. Thanks to item cross-interaction, entire features such as bills of materials and pressure drop calculations can now run automatically. True to its user-friendly reputation, Autofluid 2009 is now even simpler to use.


AutoFLUID, French market leaders

With more than 8,000 licenses sold in France to this day, we have become leaders in the field of CAD software for fluid professionals. The quality of our products is recognized by all professionals in the fields of HVAC or sanitary engineering. These customers trust us because our applications considerably increased their productivity and brought much appreciated ergonomics.


Developed by users, for users


Because we belong to the same professional field as you, we are perfectly placed to identify your needs. Feedback from customers on their experiences, and discussions at training sessions are the seeds of our innovation. By anticipating and paying keen attention to the needs of our clients, we have been able to constantly innovate and improve our product, so that we remain at the forefront of the industry.


Up to 80% more productive

Some of our bigger clients have reported gaining up to 80% more productivity when using AutoFLUID on their projects. Drafting time is significantly reduced with improved reliability. Complex pieces are automated so that risk of error is virtually removed, making the verification of plans much easier.

AutoFLUID 2009 Overview video : software packages for HVAC and plumbing engineering

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