More Productive Mold

The optimized mold module can meet different needs when you are dealing with any mold designs. In this version, you can be more productive by simplifying your mold design process, improving speed of layout generation, flexibly splitting and other practical improvements.


Process of Mold Project

A more reasonable mold project creation process lets engineers start mold design work quickly.

● There are single-cavity & multi-cavity types to choose from at the first step.

● Shrinkage can be defined when creating a mold project.

● Required mold files (layout, core, and cavity) are automatically created.


Layout Command

Easy to create the datum and insert parts for multi-cavity designs. Layout efficiency is greatly improved.

● Adjusted workflow and improved layout is more suitable for a practical model design process.

● Efficiently complete multi-cavity layouts for different parts.



You may have flexible and fast splitting, even when dealing with the most complex parts with the parting lines or core-cavity region definition method. It makes mold design easier and quicker for the user.

● A solid model is not a requirement for splitting. Open geometry can be directly split without healing to shorten the quotation period.

● Easy and quickly perform splitting with two flexible methods: parting lines and face region definition.

● Parting face can quickly be created by various tools.


Mold Base & Standard Parts

More standards of mold base and standard parts are available. Repeating an operation via Middle-click helps you save more time.

● Easily load an entire mold base from more famous suppliers: DME, Hasco, LKM, Futaba, Meusburger and Pabourdin.

● Numerous kind of standard parts are provided and trimming is performed automatically.


2D Document

Optimized BOM and electrode drawings meet different requirements.

● Easily adjust stock size according to the actual process demands.

● Automatically create a batch of electrodes 2D sheet to dramatically shorten the time of design and reduce errors.

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