Happy CADing with ZW3D: Design a Popular Penguin Doll

QQ is the name of communication software which is very popular in many countries. Its logo is a little penguin with a red scarf.Today, I will show you how to design this cute QQ doll with ZW3D software.

ZW3D 2016 Know-how:How to Use New User Role to Customize UI

With the new user role manager, you can easily to apply the recommended and integrated user role, what’s more, you can also customize your own user roles and switch between them at ease.

ZW3D 2016 Know-how:How to Unfold Complex Sheet Metal Parts in ZW3D 2016?

In ZW3D 2016, you can easily deal with the complex sheet metal parts with the upgraded FTI module. This article will focus on how to use the newly-added commands to unfold the sheet metal step by step.

ZW3D 2016 Know-how:How to Use the Upgraded Pattern Command?

Pattern function is indispensable for whether product design or mechanical design. Pattern command has upgraded significantly in ZW3D 2016 version. This article will focus on how the upgraded pattern command works.

ZW3D CAD Tips:How to Design a Product with Smooth Connection Surface

During the product design process, surface quality of products is very important. How to design smooth surfaces in ZW3D? Or what are the skills of surface design?This article will tell you.

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