Happy CADing with ZW3D: Design a High Heel

The weather is getting hotter and hotter, many young lady is dressing as hot as the weather. A high heel will let the young lady get more amorous feelings. So how about designing a unique high heel as a summer holiday gift to you lover.

Happy CADing with ZW3D: Design the Thor Hammer

“Avengers: Age of Ultron” is a highly-anticipated film. Did you enjoy it? Maybe you are talking it with your friends now. The Thor hammer gives people power and peace.

Happy CADing with ZW3D: Design a Delicate XO Bottle

Getting together with friends to have a little chatting and drinking is the happiest thing. Let's learn how to design a XO bottle.

The application of ZW3D in lock industry

Nowadays, 3D CAD design is widely-applied in various industries, like equipment manufacturing, automotive, mould making, electronics, etc. The lock industry is a traditional one which needs a solution to Leverage 2D design data when upgrading to 3D CAD.

Happy CADing with ZW3D: How to Design a Bati Maker

This article shows how to design a Bati maker (Indian dish), teaching you to make awesome Bati without any hassle with ZW3D step by step. It can also be used for many different purposes.

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