ZW3D CAD Tips:How to Design a Product with Smooth Connection Surface

During the product design process, surface quality of products is very important. How to design smooth surfaces in ZW3D? Or what are the skills of surface design?This article will tell you.

Happy CADing with ZW3D: Design a High Heel

The weather is getting hotter and hotter, many young lady is dressing as hot as the weather. A high heel will let the young lady get more amorous feelings. So how about designing a unique high heel as a summer holiday gift to you lover.

Happy CADing with ZW3D: Design the Thor Hammer

“Avengers: Age of Ultron” is a highly-anticipated film. Did you enjoy it? Maybe you are talking it with your friends now. The Thor hammer gives people power and peace.

Happy CADing with ZW3D: Design a Delicate XO Bottle

Getting together with friends to have a little chatting and drinking is the happiest thing. Let's learn how to design a XO bottle.

The application of ZW3D in lock industry

Nowadays, 3D CAD design is widely-applied in various industries, like equipment manufacturing, automotive, mould making, electronics, etc. The lock industry is a traditional one which needs a solution to Leverage 2D design data when upgrading to 3D CAD.

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