Happy CADing with ZW3D: How to Design a Bati Maker

This article shows how to design a Bati maker (Indian dish), teaching you to make awesome Bati without any hassle with ZW3D step by step. It can also be used for many different purposes.

ZW3D Tips on Shaft Design: Flexible and Automatical Thread Ending in ZW3D

3D product design engineers offen meet some shaft parts with thread which needs an ending to meet the actually demand and improve the visual aesthetics, and we can easily realize thread ending through the thread function in ZW3D.

Fast Toy Modeling by ZW3D Surface Function

A professional surface function for your product design is essential. A fast and efficient solution will bring a unique concept to the user during the design process.

Happy CADing with ZW3D: Design Gamepad with ZW3D

A gamepad (also called joypad or control pad), is a type of game controller held in two hands, where the finge...

Application of ZW3D in Wood Processing Industry

Application of ZW3D in Woodworking Machinery IndustryThrough years of development, the woodworking machinery industry...

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