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ZW3D Helps Lap Keung Improve Metal Components Designs for Luxury Brands

June 20, 2013

ZW3D, cost-effective CAD/CAM solution of ZWSOFT, was selected by Lap Keung for better luxury designs, to realize a remarkable leap from 2D drafting to 3D modeling.

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ZW3D 2013 Launch in the Philippines: Ready for New Opportunities

June 14, 2013

ToSolve, Inc. the value added reseller of ZW3D in the Philippines, officially launched ZW3D 2013 at New Horizon Hotel- Paris & Madrid Hall at May 7, 2013.

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Care for the Next Generation:ZW3D Supports and Creates Opportunity for Education

June 13, 2013

ZW3D, the cost-effective CAD/CAM solution of ZWSOFT, has been applied in many high schools, universities and educational institutions, helping the next generation become capable of and interested in 3D modeling, molding and machining design.

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ZW3D Pushes the Limits of 3D Printing with Lower Design Complexity

May 28, 2013

3D printing is growing in popularity in recent years, particularly in the mass customization fields. Coupled with ZW3D, customers can turn their unique ideas, such as a case for a smart phone, custom toys, jewelries or whatever is needed, into products.

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Behind GPC 2013: The Bitter-sweet Story of 100 ZWSOFT Young Staff

May 06, 2013

GPC 2013 concluded satisfactorily in applauses and cheers. Behind the curtain, there is more than 100 ZWSOFT young staff, who have worked tirelessly for over 3 months and put together their minds to ensure the success of the conference.

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