Flexible Parting Solutions

  • Quick and Flexible Splitting

    Splitting is an important step in mold design. ZW3D offers flexible splitting functions, including the region definition method and the parting line method.

    • (1) Core & Cavity Region Splitting

      Define the core and cavity region with different colors in a second with automaticdefinition and manual definition. The results are more intuitive, and easier to distinguish. According to the attributes of the different regions, the system can automatically identify the core and cavity and split the core and cavity from the mold quickly.

    • (2) Splitting by parting lines

      Parting lines can be directly taken from the product model. It’s possible to turn any line into parting line in ZW3D. The splitting work becomes easier even as it provides greater flexibility.

  • Automatically or manually create parting faces

    With Direct Edit, Auto Patch, Free Form, it’s easy to create parting faces and patching inner holes with ZW3D. Except for some special features, many surface functions can also be used with them. According to the product shape and complexity, designers can flexibility apply parting face commands, the patch command and surface commands.

  • SmoothFlow Direct edit

    Direct edit allow designers to do some small modifications quickly and effectively on native or imported geometry without history regeneration. With the precise control of dimension-driven designs, without losing the features and functionality of history-based modeling,Direct edit improves the speed and flexibility of modification.