Efficient Mold Designs

  • Efficient Multi-products Design & Multi-cavities Design

    It’s efficient to design several different products or multiple cavities for a product in one mold project.It helps designers to reduce a lot of manual work and it greatly improves work efficiency.

  • Mold Base & Standard Part

    In ZW3D, you can insert completed mold bases from DME, HASCO, LKM,MEUSBURGER and OXA_RABOURDIN, with all of the purchased components and proper BOM information. Many kinds of standard parts are available, including screws, guide pillars, ejector pins, locating rings and so on.
    Standardization helps to reduce man-made mistakes and workson 2D layouts. It also greatly shortens the production cycle and decreases the cost of production.

  • Integrated Part Library:

    Integrated Part Library in ZW3D provides the capability to insert abundant part libraries in ANSI, BSI, CSN, DIN, EN, GB, GOST, ISO, JB, JIS, KS, NF, PN, UNI, etc, including those from famous supplier in the world. It will reduce the time to create models manually and improve work efficiency and accuracy.