For Easy Manufacturing

  • Automated Electrode Tools

    With the electrode wizard, ZW3D speeds up the creation of mold electrodes and automatically handles electrode offset, blanks, assemblies and all the associated tables and detail drawings.

  • 2D Sheet & Bom

    ZW3D provides you with a complete set of 2D detailing tools for everything from individual parts to massive assemblies. This makes communicating designs fast and easy.
    ZW3D automatically creates 2D associative detailed drawings directly from 3D models, including view layout, instantand associative section and detail views, dimensions and BOM/Electrode/Holetable. This is a streamlined process.

  • Productive Manufacturing Modules(CAM)

    In ZW3D’s all-in-one CAD/CAM system, it not only has powerful CAD functions, but includes the easy to use CAM module that provides productive tools from 2X Turning to 2-5X Milling. Just some of advantages of the ZW3D CAM module include automatic feature recognition, intelligent machining tactic,smooth flow tool-paths, efficient operations, and high quality surface finishing are the advantages of ZW3D CAM module.