What's New in Service Pack 2

In ZW3D 2012 SP2, the updated model design module greatly improves design efficiency which lets designers easily manage multiple mold projects and gets complex molds designed in just a few steps. What’s more, many improvements in translator, sketching, drafting, modeling and CAM give better results and help you to sharply reduce design time and improve efficiency.

New Reference Geometry for Interpart Modeling
Easy to do Engraving along surface
  • 1. Extended Assembly Reference

    In assembly file, the updated "Reference Geometry" command provides a more flexible assembly reference relationship. Designers can create a reasonable reference according to their special needs. Three types are available: Non-associative reference, Associative reference without timestamp, Associative reference with timestamp.

    Learn More: New "Reference Geometry" for Inter-part Modeling.

  • 2. New Mold Project Management with “Assembly Mode”

    The updated mold model provides a new project management function. In the project file with assembly mode,when you click the command(Mold Project tools & Prating Design tools)on any part,the system will automatically activate the corresponding file. It is a more intelligent management mode and gives users more convenient operations.

  • 3. Multi-product Design & Multi-cavity Design

    New features make it easy to design several different products or multiple cavities for a product in one mold project. It helps designers reduce a lot of manual work. Another important point is that it is easier to do modifications and it greatly improves work efficiency.

  • 4. More Intelligent Features Reduce Manual Mold Design Work(Faster Patching for Inner Holes)

    The new "Patch" command provides two types: including Parting shape - the automatic method and Inner edge - the manual method. It just takes a few seconds to finish the patching of inner holes. According to product shape and complexity, the designer can flexibly apply the patch command or surface commands.

  • 5. Optimized 3X Milling Operations Support More Cutting Types

    In SP2, some new parameters have been added into some 3X milling operations, including 3X Nurbs Surface Engraving, 3X Nurbs Spiral Cut and Ramp Cut operation. These new parameters provide more cutting types that generate better tool paths. Moreover, optimized operations give efficient cutting and better machining quality.

  • 6. Other new features can help make your designing easier with better sketching, enhanced modeling and new CAM. Discover them in “What’s New in SP2”.