This summer, tech guys are no longer alone. ZW3D’s brand-new forum brings together 450,000 CAD/CAM users to amplify your voice, share experiences and polish your skills.

Your participation means a lot. Every ZW3D member deserves a reward for their contribution and support. We are offering a chance for our beloved members to have fun in the ZW3D forum and be rewarded with prizes and gifts.

Event Name: ZW3D Summer Fun

Event Period: July 1— August 31

Funny Activities:


Return Reward: Log in to the ZW3D forum and receive 5 coins per day.



During the event, members start a new thread on the ZW3D Forum by posting their favorite ZW3D feature. The post should contain the benefit of using this feature and describe how it is used in you designs with screenshots. Example >>

Every qualified thread will be rewarded 50 coins after careful review. And 150 more coins will be delivered once the thread is highlighted at the top of column.



Coins can be exchanged for a ZW3D permanent license,a license upgrade and gift cards as follows:

100 Coins = 1 USD AMAZON GIFT CARD (Exchange starts from 500 coins)

10000 Coins = ZW3D 2014 LICENSE (Any version)

Additional Exclusive Gifts for Existing Users

Existing users may exchange the coins either for gift cards or upgrade licenses.

5000 Coins = ZW3D 2014 Upgrade

201X LIT →2014 LIT
201X STD → 2014 STD
201X PRO → 2014 PRO
201X PRE → 2014 PRE
201X 2X → 2014 2X
201X 3X → 2014 3X

Exchange will be available during Sep.1 - Sep. 12.

Should you have any question, please contact