Extraordinary Design & Efficiency Enhancements in New ZWCAD+ 2012 SP2

  • Easy online collaboration between PC and mobile devices
  • Superior display fluidity for big raster images
  • More versatile hatch editing functions

The Complete Release Notes


Aiming at providing excellent user experience and improving design efficiency, ZWSOFT today released service package 2 for ZWCAD+ 2012 with great enhancement on image module , hatch Module, and it add 27 new features such as join, drawing recovery, import/export user customized settings and so on. The stability is greatly ensured by solving about 400 bugs, including 76 blocking issues. The APIs is now implemented by newly supporting 2 more member functions, 3 more classes and 7 more global functions.

ZWCAD+ 2012 SP2 is now equipped with a brand new image engine, which enables ZWCAD+ to process large image (above 1G) much fluently. ZWCAD+ 2012 SP2 reads an image as pyramid structures with cache technique and image segmentation technique, once the images were read, you will find any processing later will become much more fluently and clearly, such as preview, insert, pan, zoom, ect., because everything to be displayed is ready since the first time the image was read. Especially when you work with large image, you can feel the productivity enhancement is obvious.

Hatch enhancements
Boundary edit- remove the boundary
In ZWCAD+ 2012 SP2, hatch boundary editing is enhanced, you can remove the boundary of a hatched area as you need.
Dynamic Preview
when you create or edit a hatch, you can see a dynamic preview in the area of how it looks like without quit the hatch dialog box when you pick different hatch patterns
Separate Hatch
With the separate hatch option checked, you can hatch your boundaries all as multiple individual areas at once, then after, you can easily apply different hatch pattern to each separate hatch if necessary.
System Variable ZOOMDISPHATCH to control whether displaying the fill and gradient hatch while using pan
Specifies new origin for hatch pattern and set the new region as four corners or center point of rectangle area of hatch object boundaries.

Repaired more than 200 CrashReport and solved more than 30 block issues

New commands and system variables

Drawing Recovery Manager
A hardware problem, power failure, or software problem may cause ZWCAD+ to terminate unexpected, if this happen you can restore your drawing files that were open with Drawing Recovery Manager.

Other New Features
1.1 Join
with the newly added command "JOIN" in ZWCAD+ 2012 SP2, you can join the endpoints of some different objects to create a single object. You can apply this function to arc, line, open polyline, ellipse arc right now.

1.2 Select Similar
With SELECTSIMILAR command, you can easily add similar objects to the selection set according to the matching properties you want.

1.3 “Angle” and "Length" options for LINE command

1.4 FLATTEN - Convert 3D Geometry to 2D
The new FLATTEN command coverts 3D geometry to 2D views, which are useful for illustrating technical documentation.

1.5 MIGRATE - Custom settings can be exported from one user and exported to another user with ZWCAD+ of the same version.

1.6 Add icons of Cycle Selection and Dynamic Input in the status bar.

1.7 GATTE - Batch modify attribute values in the attribute blocks by specifying the attribute block or attribute name.

1.8 OSNAPZ -System Variable to control whether the object snap is automatically projected onto a plane parallel to XY plane at the specified elevation in current UCS.

1.9 License Log Viewer - Provide License Log viewer which you can check all the failure information to help analysising the causes of authorization failure.

1.10 Pan and Zoom with Raster & OLE - Controls whether to display the raster image and OLE objects while zooming and panning.

Bug fixed

1.1 Crash issue
Repaired more than 200 CrashReport and solved more than 80 block issues

1.2 UI
Optimization of user interface and user interaction, as well as the localization issue
• 3136/4162: right click the mouse takes no effect when you use dynamic input or auto-complete input, which should acts as
• 4250/4172/4892/2965/2899: localization issue Rus,Cht, Due,Jpn
• 2687/4487:Provide access entries from the Ribbon or Classic Menu for some functions,such as BATTMAN, CleanScreen, GB2BIG5,
• 4434: Add "Hide Message Setting" button on Options dialog box, so that you can set whether or not hide messages such as Mtext unsaved, Missing SHX files, Customizing ZWCAD Menu Group.
• 4580/4523(a lot): Add or change the prompt messages to make the interaction more clearly and friendly, such as SYSVDLG, DETACHURL, COPYTOLAYER, COPYM, DIMARC, DIMSTYLE, DIMDISPLAY, FCMP, SAVE...
• 4330/4804/4330/4918/3636: Add hot keys for dialog box option items such as MATCHPROP, HATCH, BATCH, SCALELISTEDIT, OPTIONS, VIEW. …

1.3 API
• LISP - 4803: unexpected dialog box popped up when run the lisp code(command "purge")
• LISP - 4802/4443: the object reactors were triggered in the wrong time, when stretch the objects attached with reactors, or associated with vlr-modified events.
• LISP - 3541: when use (command) function to call ZRX commands, ZWCAD+ can not automatically load routines files as the main program need.
• LISP - 3296/4914: ZWCAD+ crashed when routines running (vlax-get-acad-object) function, or DDATTE command.
• VBA - 4547: the VBA of office is replaced by ZWCAD+ VBA when the PC installed ZWCAD+.
• VBA - 4314/4281/3544: Failed to select entities in terms of DXF Group Code value, such as line weight 370, true color 420, 410. • VBA - 3736/3547: Don't support "SupportPath" and "TempFilePath" property of ZcadPreferencesFiles objects.
• VBA - 3495: failed to create table objects by addtable function

1.4 And more
• copym - 4904/5072/4971: when execute array option, ZWCAD+ crashes or snap the wrong position
• ddedit - 4913: failed to modify the text height by DDEDIT
• dimension - 4922: wrong dimension value with the specific precision
• dimreassociate - 1068/4321: DIMENREASSOCIATE command take no effects on arc length dimension entities, or dimjogged dimension for circles and arcs.
• explode - 4650/3384/4369: Failed to explode some blocks, xreferences, tables
• filed - 4492/3924: failed to display filed entities created by AutoCAD LT 2010, lost the last letter of the filed name and filed value.
• hatch -4800/3389/1051(30 more): wrong hatch area, wrong origin, very slow, no dynamic preview, the boundaries can not be edited.
• image - 4258/2905/4747/3101/103: working with image is very slow, especially pan, zoom and rotate
• image - 3689/4796: in specific ucs, the image display wrongly
• image - 2863: failed to rotate the image 180 degree.
• Image - 3217/2630/4717/4468/4565/4384: when plot the drawing, the images lost partly with specific plotter, or the plot preview is wrong.
• linetype - 4550: the text defined in the linetype is mirrored when it displayed.
• plot - 4557/4714:OLE objects lost or stretched when printed
• plot - 4102: can not configure the plot settings the first time run -plot