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ZWCAD+ 2012 V.S. AutoCAD 2013 by Ralph Grabowski

Expert Portfolio

Ralph Grabowski is a renowned CAD expert that has published 140 books and several hundred magazine articles about computer-aided design.

Currently, he holds the following positions:

  • upFront.eZine  (weekly e-newsletter for all CAD users) - Founder, Editor
  • CADdigest  (online e-magazine for all CAD users) - Managing Editor
  • Design Engineering (print and online magazine for Canadian MCAD users) - Contributor

He also maintains these blogs:

  • WorldCAD Access -- nearly daily news, tips, and commentary on the CAD industry, with 8,000+ daily readers.
  • Gizmos Grabowski  -- reviews and commentary on the computer industry.

His Web site is at

ZWCAD+ 2012 V.S. IntelliCAD 7 by Ralph Grabowski
ZWCAD+ Hands on Review by Ray Howard
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