ZWCAD+ Helps Clients Achieve Their Design Goals 

An increasing number of clients worldwide use our solutions, and benefit from our complete set of CAD features, unrivaled compatibility, industrial-leading memory optimization technology, a stylish Ribbon Interface, and the code-level API compatibility all at a compelling low price. Users find that not only do they save on cost, but that their productivity increases.

Top 9 Reasons to Choose ZWCAD+
1. Superior new engine 
With its superior new engine, ZWCAD+ excels in memory management. It enables you to work continuously throughout the day.
2. Seamless .dwg compatibility 
ZWCAD+ reads and writes .dwg files with no conversion, and offers seamless compatibility with other mainstream CAD products.
3. Efficient and powerful APIs 
ZWCAD+ offers code level API compatibility, which allows developers to port their existing applications to ZWCAD+with ease.
4. Comprehensive drafting tools 
The full-function drafting tools provided by ZWCAD+ empower your design from concept to completion.
5. Quick and compact CAD 
ZWCAD+ is a light and quick CAD solution that has low hardware requirements. On average, it only takes seconds to start ZWCAD+ and to open your drawings.
6. Your budget saving CAD choice 
ZWCAD+ allows CAD designers to complete their drawings more efficiently at a compelling low price.
7. Friendly cross-version upgrade policy 
There's no forced annual upgrade with ZWCAD+. You only pay a one-year upgrade fee when upgrading from any previous ZWCAD version to ZWCAD+.
8. ZERO relearning cost 
Over 95% of experienced CAD users shift to ZWCAD+ in less than three days, and begin working with no relearning cost at all.
9. Considerate supportand service 
Together with our partners in over 60 countries, we provide local support and timely response to ZWCAD+ users.

  • ZWCAD+ breaks through many key technical limitations. We've enhanced the performance, features and the entire user experience, but the most exciting improvement is how ZWCAD+ works smoothly and efficiently for the entire work day.
    - Kingdom Lin,
    ZWCAD+ Overseas Business Director

  • Besides the new Ribbon UI and a more fluid user experience, the newly supported "Object" option for the Field command and Revision Cloud are exactly what our customers need.
    - Gabriela Ciszyńska-Matuszek,

  • ZWCAD+ handles large drawings easily. I tried to open drawings that were over 20MB, and it only took three seconds. I'm really impressed.
    - Wang Xiaodong,
    CAD designer of Jiannan Shipyard Co., Ltd.

  • ZWCAD+ opens big files much faster, and the display accuracy of curved objects has been greatly improved. There's no need to apply ViewRes anymore. Associated Dimension is one of my favorite features in ZWCAD+.
    - Sonal Arora,
    Technical Engineer of Global Force Direct

  • Thanks for this innovation. Amazing environment, very user-friendly! More useful commands were added, so very helpful! I would like to share this with my colleagues.
    - Ces Ebuenga,
    Chairman of Education Committee of United Architects of the Philippines

  • It's more stable than my old version and it work better (faster) on my computer, very pleasant for eyes interface, quite intuitive and witch good tools location and segregation. Very nice program without any hesitation I would recommend it to my friends. In scale of 10 I give it solid 8.5.
    - Kajetan Kozłowski,
    Poznań University of Technology

  • I used it for some hours and i'm positively surprised with new features and options. Color books bug and true type font quality fixed, tool palletes with LOT of new options, great job!
    - Filipv,
    CAD designer from Croatia

  • I sometimes consult on compatibility for competitors to Autodesk, and from this I have a collection of tough drawing with which test DWG files. Here ZWCAD+ scored excellent, displaying every test drawing correctly.
    - Ralph Grabowski,
    Managing Editor at

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