Extra-plus Tool-Kit
18 smart functions are exclusively designed for ZWCAD+ PRO to boost your drafting and detailing efficiency. It includes many small useful functions like zooming text, input text from txt file, rotate cursor, break text, count block and many more. This tool-kit is FREE and available
in English version. It can only be used in ZWCAD+ Pro Version.

Key Features
.txt File Input
Using the file input function, you can insert the contents of your TXT file in written form to the DWG drawings, greatly improving the efficiency of the user’s ability to add text annotation, and allowing for convenient data reuse.

Break Text
Using the break text function, you can quickly extract multiline text that is specified in the content, resulting in convenient data reuse and improved efficiency.

Block Attribute Delete
The Block attribute delete function allows the user to bulk delete multiple block reference attributes. The presence of a large number of tiles in the drawings, can greatly improve work efficiency and accuracy.
Move Layer Object
The Move layer object function can quickly select a layer on the specified object for mobile operation. When there are a large number of objects in a drawing, this function can greatly improve the efficiency of the user to select objects.

Note: After downloading this tool-kit, you can install it simply by double-clicking the .msi package. To learn how to install and more features, you can download the Help Document.
Go PRO now with the FREE Extra-plus Tool-kit!
Only available in English version and can only used in ZWCAD+ PRO version.
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