ZWCAD Architecture

ZWCAD Architecture 2014 SP1

Leader Dimension Enhancement

Other Enhancements

ZWCAD Architecture 2014 SP2

Unit Setting

Better Organized Screen Menu

Grid edit to adjust all wall thickness

Other Enhancements

Leader Dimension enhancement
Now, you can define the leader line angle before you add it. Also, you can tip Colinear option to keep all the leader line into one.

More enhancements

Support opening DWG files by dragging it directly to ZWCAD Architecture desktop shortcut

Adjust the placement of characters to make it display properly

Dimension for wall thickness now can be divided by grid.

Unit Setting
You can draw and dimension with a variety of design units including m/cm/cm/inch/ft, not only mm.

Better organized screen menu
Optimized the layout of the screen menu, to make it much simpler and easier to use.

Grid edit to adjust wall thickness
You can change the thickness of a wall by grid editing.

Better access to define scale limit values for detailed drawings
Now you can define the scale limit value for a detailed drawing through the Global Setting/Bold Hatch dialog box, not just setting it by variable XTBL.

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