ZWCAD Mechanical

Professional Mechanical 2D Sheet Drafting

ZWCAD Mechanical, ZWCAD+ for manufacturing, provides abundant tools that are specific for mechanical 2D sheet drawing. Tools such as shaft generator, tolerance dimension, surface texture symbol, balloon and BOM, plenty of standards parts and many more. Revision is quite easy, double clicking and modifying the variable eliminate the need to remove and re-create the original objects which save hours of rework.

Built On ZWCAD+, Easy to Use, 100% DWG

ZWCAD+ can open and write DWG/DXF/DWF file, it is fully compatible with other mainstream CAD software. You can switch to ZWCAD+ with zero re-learning cost and continuously work in a familiar 2D CAD environment. ZWCAD Mechanical is ZWCAD+ with an additional module, providing extra tools for manufacturing.

Smart Annotation

Power Dimension
Power Dimension makes dimensioning easier with abbreviated dialog boxes that control and expand only the variables that are relevant to manufacturing, as well as integrate tolerance and fit list information.

Multiple Dimensions
With Multiple Dimensions, designers can create multiple dimensions with minimal input, resulting in instant groups of ordinate, parallel, or symmetric items that are appropriately spaced.

Detect dimension overlap and the suitable distance
ZWCAD Mechanical dimension is smart enough to force overlapping dimensions to automatically space themselves appropriately. It determines the suitable distance from the object being dimensioned, making the linear dimensions look neat and clear.
Rapidly design by using Mechanical Symbols
ZWCAD Mechanical saves time and increases design accuracy by providing abundant mechanical symbols, including surface texture symbols, datum identifiers and targets, taper, center hole, weld symbols, and more.

Intelligent Balloon and BOM

Easily generate balloons and BOM
Quickly draw standard-based balloons, then align and renumber them with ease. It only takes one step to create a BOM. Automatically recognize standard part and summary to the BOM.

Associative Balloon and BOM
Every change to the balloon would be updated to the BOM, ensuring that the data is always correct and up-to-date.

Intelligent Drawing Environment

Support enterprise and international standards
ZWCAD Mechanical supports ISO, ANSI, DIN, JIS, and GB drawing environments, enabling designers to maintain a common form of communication. It also provides an easy way to customize enterprise standards.

Brilliant layer management and layer mapping
Every mechanical entity (like border, dimension, symbol etc) would be placed to the default layer with preset color and linetype. With layer mapping, mechanical entity can be placed on a custom layer to match company practices.

Multiple borders and adaptive scaling
Support multiple borders drawing with different scale, and the size of annotations objects would change according to the scale of border.

Super Edit
Re-edit becomes easy, just double click the objects and change the settings in the pop out dialog box as it is created originally.

Mechanical Parts and Generator

Comprehensive part library
ZWCAD Part Library contains screws, nuts, washer, pins, rivets, springs, and bearings etc. It saves designers hours of work by taking parts from these libraries, rather than starting from scratch.

Parametrically generate Shafts and Gears
Designers are able to create Shafts and Gears by inputting the geometric parameters, which greatly accelerates the whole design process.

Extended Drawing Tools for Manufacturing

Comprehensive construction line
As many as 32 options to create construction line, 7 options to create construction circle. Use construction line as reference to create other objects, making drafting work easier.

Advanced Centerline
The centerline function enables designers to add centerline to circle or rectangle by simply selecting such objects. Add centerline to one single entity or multiple entities.

Reusable detailing tools
Generate the detail view with few clicks, and it is updatable when a change is made to the geometry.

Draw Groove quickly and accurately
Technical groove is an essential segment in the mechanical design process, ZWCAD Mechanical offers a variety of construction features of process structure, including crack groove, shaft and hole rect reliefs.


Export BOM to Excel
Support BOM data to excel file export which enables designers to share and re-use the BOM information with others.

Flexible workflow between desktop and mobile
With a built-in Online Module from ZWCAD Mechanical, you can save your drawing and customize configuration to third-party cloud service. Also, with CAD Pockets, you can work freely on-the-go through your tablet or smart phone.

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