ZWCAD Enterprise License

ZWCAD provides enterprise licenses for larger enterprises, especially for those who have multiple offices. As a VIP-level service, ZWCAD enterprise license allows different individuals to access ZWCAD within a LAN (Local Area Network) or VPN (Virtual Private Network) from multiple locations.

ZWCAD enterprise licenses simplify license management and reduce administration cost for enterprises. Also, with ZWCAD enterprise licenses, enterprises can balance software supply and demand across offices and geographies and meet project requirements.

SME (perpetual) Enterprise License (perpetual)
Minimum Quantity No requirement 100 seats
Geography Use in one country Use in one country from multiple locations
  • Senior technical support provided by specialists of ZWCAD local channel partner.
  • Email support or instant online support within 24 working hours.
  • E-learning on the website or from help documents.
  • Software updates and upgrade to the latest version (maintenance plan).
  • 24/7/365 technical support or training.
  • R&D level support by ZWCAD developers.
  • Customization according to needs of enterprises.
  • Value-added tools.
  • More favorable price and flexible licensing policy
  • Company license can enjoy more favorable price.
  • If a company has offices at different locations worldwide, they need to quote ZWCAD global license, which is 1.3*MSRP for the service.
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