Soft-Key Authorization
Dongle Authorization

Upgrade with Soft-Key Authorization


For soft-key users, you have to return the old soft-key license before activating the latest ZWCAD+ with the upgraded new license.


Softkey - Network License 

1. Provide the reseller with the soft-key(license code) of your former ZWCAD+ (referred to as oldKey).

2. Obtain the new soft-key(license code) for ZWCAD+ 2014. (referred to as newKey).

3. Return the oldKey to validate the newKey :
    a) Launch the ZWCAD+ Network License Manager from the Windows Start Menu.
    b) Click Return > Online Return > OK .
*If the internet is unavailable, please refer to "2.5 Network License Return" of ZWCAD+ 2014 Activation Guide.
4. At Server : upgrade the Network License Manager program, activate and configure it:
    a) Make sure you've returned the old soft-key before uninstalling.
    b) Uninstall the former version of ZWCAD Network License Manager.
    c) Install the ZWCAD+ 2014 Network License Manager (you can find it on the CD).
    d) Use the newKey to activate and configure the ZWCAD+ 2014 Network License Manager referring to the Quick Start Guide.
5. At Client : Install ZWCAD+2014, and get floating license(or borrow license) from the server.



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