ZWCAD+ 2014 Release Features

DWG 2013 Support

Dynamic Block Editing

Online Module

.Net Support



Customize User Interface

ZWCAD+ 2014 SP1 Release Features

Skydrive Online Storage Support

IPV6 Networking Support

New System Variables

Newly support DWG/DXF 2013 and DWF files
Now ZWCAD+ 2014 can open and write DWG/DWF 2013 and DWF files, which are fully compatible with other mainstream CAD software. ZWCAD+ 2014 can also write block to DWG 2013.

Advanced block editing with Dynamic Block
ZWCAD+ 2014 can now recognize the dynamic block with most frequently used parameters such as linear, rotation, flip, alignment, visibility and lookup. You can change the block appearance with either the parameter grid or the properties palette.

Online Module for file sync and mobile design
With a built-in Online Module in ZWCAD+, now you can save your drawings and customized configuration to third-party cloud services, like Dropbox, Google Drive and more. ZWCAD+ also provides a mobile solution. ZWCAD Touch, the mobile version of ZWCAD+ for portable devices, lets you work freely on your desktop and on the go.

Easily load .Net applications using NETLOAD
ZWCAD+ 2014 now supports .NET API. With the NETLOAD tool, you can conveniently load .NET applications. App developers can also use .NET to develop customized applications for ZWCAD+ allowing for even more versatile design use.

With commands of SMARTVOICE, VOICEMAN and VOICESHOW, you can easily save your voice information as an entity in your drawing.

SmartSelect enables designers to find similar entities with convenient property selection. When designers need to find a certain type of entity like Block Reference without considering complicated property, say, the exact position, they no longer have to use FIND command which contains complex property selection. .

Customize User Interface
You can customize your ZWCAD+ menu, commands, toolbars, hotkeys, and alias. ZWCAD+ is bringing you the most comfortable design environment to allow for the most efficient work.

Support 3rd party cloud service SkyDrive

From now on, you can synchronize drawing files or user's custom profiles between your local directory and SkyDrive with ZWCAD+ Syble.

Support 3rd party cloud service SkyDrive

Compatible with IPv6 Networking

Working in the IPv6 networking environment, you are able to get the floating license from the server, or activate the standalone soft-key properly. ZWCAD+ 2014 SP1 is now compatible with IPv6, making license authorization easy.

New System Variables control ribbon appearance and others

APP+ Hide

You can now control the display of the APP+ tab on the Ribbon, making it hide whenever you want the panel to be more clean and neat.

APP+ Hide

Ribbon Hide

It enables you to control the panels on the Ribbon to either display or not. The next time you start up ZWCAD+, it displays/hides the panel according to the variables that you previously set.

Ribbon Hide

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