Smart. Efficient. Different.
ZWCAD+ brings you micro innovations for smart and efficient designs.
Have vocal annotation for better design collaboration with SmartVoice
With commands of SMARTVOICE, VOICEMAN and VOICESHOW, you can easily save your voice information as an entity in your drawing.
Select entities fast and conveniently with SmartSelect
SmartSelect enables designers to find similar entities with convenient property selection. When designers need to find a certain type of entity like Block Reference without considering complicated property, say, the exact position, they no longer have to use FIND command which contains complex property selection.
Experience the innovative command execution with SmartMouse
SmartMouse, the mouse gesture feature in ZWCAD+, enables you to execute certain commands by just moving your mouse on a certain track to trigger frequently used commands such as New, Circle, and Move. You can also easily customize commands for different mouse actions. It greatly helps speed up your design process.
Switch and preview drawings with SmartPeek
SmartPeek is one of the new and efficient tools added to ZWCAD+. It takes a lot of time to click on drawings one by one in order to check them. However, with SmartPeek, by pressing the Ctrl and Tab buttons, users can easily switch and preview their drawings.
Spot the differences between drawings with File Compare
File Compare helps you spot even the most minor differences between two similar drawings by highlighting them in different colors. You can easily find the variations between blocks, attributes and texts. File Compare also allows you to customize the comparison settings, such as colors, and filters.
Fast. Compact. Lightweight.
The more advanced and lightweight functionalities make ZWCAD+ run faster and overcome more challenges.
Memory optimization for tougher tasks
The new memory optimization technology enables ZWCAD+ to open any drawing with memory usage reduced by 50%. That's why it works smoothly with drawings that are even over 100 MB. It's also excellent in reducing memory accumulation, which ensures non-stop operation throughout the day.
The cleanest Ribbon for productive work
The ribbon interface of ZWCAD+ might just be the cleanest ribbon UI ever. Its ribbon panel is designed to have JUST-ENOUGH buttons that all show on the panel, which brings simplicity to the whole interface and helps increase your productivity.
Lightweight and fast installation
A small installation package with full design functions will relieve the heavy burden to your operating system.
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