ZWCAD Mechanical
What’s New in ZWCAD Mechanical 2014
Hole Chart
Creates coordinate dimensions for holes in the design, and generates a hole chart for the holes, the hole chat list the the size of those holes and its quality . the hole chart is associative with selected holes, if you delete, move ,change the size of the holes, the hole chart will be automatically update according to the changes of holes.
Arrow Head Style
Provide more new arrow head style than before, more choices for your design.
Import/Export BOM data with Excel files
You can import BOM data from Excel files, or you can export BOM data to excel files vice versa.
New Ribbon Layout
The ZWCAD Mechanical Ribbon has been rearranged to make it clearer and easier for designers. All the function entries on the Mechanical Design and Mechanical Drawing tabs in the previous version of ZWCAD Mechanical are now integrated in to other tabs such as the Annotation and Mechanical tabs. The Mechanical Design and Mechanical Drawing tabs have been removed from ZWCAD Mechanical Ribbon.
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